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Eli Bonny

  • Belgium
  • 26 September 1997


I'm Eli "Tafikayy" Bonny I am the jungler of Asterion. I am 18 years old and live in Leuven, Belgium. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, my brother had this awesome computer and I used to wait every day for him to go away so I could play Call Of Cuty 2 or World Of Warcraft back in the day. I got a bit older and all of the sudden my brother was playing this weird game called League Of Legends. I installed it on my computer and started playing it, nevertheless I was really really bad at it. I kept playing and started to get a bit better. I always had a competitive mindset and my goal was to be better than my friends. I kept playing and one of the suddenly I hit Diamond, this was at the end of Season 3. In Season 4 I didn't really know what my next goal was so I kept playing and I was able to hit Diamond 1. This was so huge for me and i started looking for a team to shine with. I had been struggling ever since. 6 months ago I finally made it, I found a team with a group of friends that I love and enjoy playing with. We joined this organisation Asterion and I really hope we can make the organisation proud. But for now I can say that I'm a proud jungler and member of Asterion

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