TopicTrading Psychology - Use Mindfulness to Elevate Your Trading

  • Sat 7th Oct 2017 - 7:44am

    Recently, almost no options trading seminar is without some mention  Mastermind Millionaire Mentoring System or introduction to technical analysis. In fact, almost all of the options trading blogs out there in the internet use technical analysis as their main basis of decision making. Why is that so? Why is options trading so closely related to technical analysis now?

    In order to understand the important relationship between technical analysis and options trading, we need to first understand what technical analysis does in the first place.

    There are two main methods of analysis; Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

    Fundamental analysis is the reading of fundamental data of a company or economy in order to predict and invest in the future performance of the company or market. Such fundamental data includes profit and loss statements, earnings growth and earnings guidance. The problem with fundamental analysis is that great companies do not always make great stocks. Stocks of great companies also experience periods of downturn, often for extended periods of time.


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